Search WHOIS



Perform a WHOIS search with Hosting Mondial to discover people or organizations behind different domain names or IP addresses. WHOIS registries provide you with the organized contact information of the domains, including the contact details of applicants, administrative and technical information. They also provide you with the name of the registrar (such as Hosting Mondial), the status of the domain, and important dates (eg domain creation date and expiration date).

How does the WHOIS search work?

The WHOIS domain database is regularly used for many legitimate purposes. Network managers use WHOIS data to diagnose and solve problems. For example, WHOIS information can be used to determine the availability of domain names, identify infringements of trademark rights, and ensure that domain name registrants comply with their commitments. WHOIS checks can even be used to combat mass e-mail or fraudulent activity, since it is possible for managers to find traces of applicants who publish illegal content or ‘Phishing. In addition, ICANN’s agreements protect domain registrants by preventing the use of WHOIS lists for marketing or mass mailing purposes, including the implementation of automated requests for systems from certain registrars or registrars (unless such requests are made for the purpose of managing domain names).

Are the WHOIS data accurate?

Since the contact information of applicants may change, registrars, such as Hosting Mondial, must annually provide an opportunity for domain owners to review and modify their WHOIS domain information. According to ICANN regulations, refusing to update this information, or providing erroneous data, may lead to the suspension or cancellation of domains.

In addition, ICANN allows Internet users to make complaints if they discover that WHOIS data is inaccurate or incomplete. In such cases, registrars should recheck or correct the data promptly. With these audit protocols, ICANN seeks to maintain the highest level of accuracy possible.

And my confidentiality?

While ICANN’s agreements protect applicants from potential spam mailing, several Hosting Mondial customers are concerned that their personal information such as their names, addresses and telephone numbers are easily accessible online. For website owners who wish to preserve the confidentiality of this information, Hosting Mondial offers domain privacy protection. We work in partnership with Domains By Proxy®, so when people do a WHOIS search on your domain, Domains By Proxy® replaces your personal information with its own (see the difference). Your domain name continues to belong to you, but now people will no longer be able to access your personal information through a simple search in the WHOIS directory.