This information is for people who are migrating to Office 365. If you purchased Office 365 on your own and want to transfer your e-mail service to Office 365, please consult my e-mail service for assistance .

Congratulations! From the Exchange Hosting your mail service is moved to Office 365. Below are items you’ll like to place your order, to help you with the transfer.

Why am I moving from Exchange Hosting to?
What is the difference between Exchange Hosting and Office 365?
My price or billing will change when I’m moved from the Exchange Hosting to?
Steps in the Upgrade Process from Exchange Hosting
I need to make changes to my domain name settings when I upgrade from Exchange Hosting?
Can I still use my old version of Outlook or Office?
How do I check my new Office 365 mailbox after the upgrade?
Set up email on my mobile phone
Following steps

Learn more about the steps outlined in the upgrade process, and what you need to know.
You can always re-schedule your upgrade date, if you need to.
More details…

More information about upgrading from Exchange Hosting to Office 365
If you are the account holder, see this guide for the upgrade
See this guide for standard messaging users