If you are an administrator of a Hosting-Mondial account, you can change your own Office 365 e-mail password. You can also generate a temporary password for another user.

If you are not an account administrator, you can send a password change email to yourself.

Log in and go to the Account Manager section.
Click Office 365 Messaging and Productivity.
Next to the email account whose password you want to change, click Manage.
In the Manage box, click one of the following values ​​(depending on the mail account property):
Your Account – Click Change Password. Type the password the first time, then a second time to confirm it.
Account of another user – Click Generate a temporary password. Enter the email address of the user.
Click Save.
Password changes can take up to 30 minutes to take effect. Users who receive a temporary password must log in to their Office 365 account and create a new password of their choice.

Following steps

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