Edit domain contact information

You can change the contact information for your domain at any time. The domains have four sets of contacts, listed below after the instructions. If your domain name is protected by privacy, please visit: for more details. To edit contact information Sign in to your Hosting Mondial account. Next to Domains, click Manage. Click below…


Add a private record

As part of our agreement with ICANN, we are required to add valid contact details in the WHOIS database for each domain name you register. By purchasing a private record, you can hide your personal contact information and replace it with proxy information (different). Some registers do not allow “Private Registration” mode. If this is…


Renew my domain name

Renew my domain name You can renew your domain names in two different ways: automatically or manually. Manual Renewal If your domain name is configured to manually renew, you will receive multiple reminder emails and you will see a red Renew button or an alert sign in the top right corner of your account when…


Add a subdomain

Now that you know what a subdomain is, you must choose how your company will function before you set up. Do you really want your subdomain to point to an existing IP address? Want to transfer it to another URL? Use the table below to determine the meaning of your subdomain.

Manage DNS

You can decide which service should use your domain for its website and email by managing its DNS records (also called zone file records). The method to use to access your DNS records depends on where the domain name was registered. The following table shows several scenarios; choose the one that fits your situation and…